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Re: [StrongED] Help needed for an unexperimented user

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          Xavier Louis Tardy <xltardy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> So here is my question : can somebody tell me if there's a way to have a
> script, so that a copy of my source text is saved with all comments lines
> starting with ';' removed ; have this 'new and clean' source pop up in a
> new StrongEd window, and from here I can run the source, now not exceeding
> the max number of lines BASIC can handle.

You could try using StrongED's advanced Search and Replace. Like this:

 - Open the SnR dialogue box by pressing Shift-F4.
 - In the Search field enter: < {" "} ";" * \n
 - Leave the Replace field blank.
 - Make sure Engine is set to Advanced (click on the field to alter it).
 - Click on Go to start the SnR.
 - In the 'What now?' window that pops up click on replace All.

This should remove all lines that start with ";" (which may be preceded
by spaces). Save the file afterwards and see if BASIC now accepts it.


StrongED Developer

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