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Re: [StrongED] Help needed for an unexperimented user

2013/9/27 Steve Drain <steve@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Xavier Louis Tardy wrote:
My issue is that I write a lot of comments in my source code, and I very
often reach the maximum number of lines BASIC allows.
I have two thoughts that do not address your request directly, but might help.

Do you number lines from 1 in steps of 1? You could even use 0,0 unless you have internal line
references, although error reporting might be awkward.

Have you thought of using libraries for part of your code? Put sections into functions and include
them in the main code as if they were macros. I have several thousand such functions in the Basalt

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Thanks for your help, I should have thought about it beforehand.
Both ideas are good.
I'll do that, but, as an exercise, if sbdy can tell me how my 1st proposal can be answered, I'd be happy to know.

As you understood, I don't know much about StrongEd, and yes I know I should do the effort but I've got too much to do in my 'to do's' list at the moment (real life + Archie development) ... I hope you'll forgive me.

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