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[StrongED] Help needed for an unexperimented user

Hi all.

I need your help for something I'm sure you'll find easy to solve.

I use StrongEd to write ARM BASIC assembly programs (more exactly, I write them on a PC, and transfer the source to my Archie and debug them with StrongEd).
My issue is that I write a lot of comments in my source code, and I very often reach the maximum number of lines BASIC allows.

So here is my question : can somebody tell me if there's a way to have a script, so that a copy of my source text is saved with all comments lines starting with ';' removed ; have this 'new and clean' source pop up in a new StrongEd window, and from here I can run the source, now not exceeding the max number of lines BASIC can handle.

Thanks for your help.

Contact : Xavier Louis TARDY
Mél : xltardy@xxxxxxxxx
Tel   : 07 85 33 58 98