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Re: [StrongED] Re: StrongED and Lua

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          Peter Young <pnyoung@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

[Dragging scripts to Apply icon not working]

> I think the help that Gavin has given may well have identified where
> the problem lies. It seems that none of the StrongED_Tmp system
> variables are getting set. See:

This suggests to me that the functions tied to the Apply icon aren't
called at all. There are two reasons for that:

 a) There is an explicit call to SetTmp() to set the variables. So if
    the variables aren't set then functions must have been altered, but
    you say that you haven't.

 b) If the variables aren't set then the Process function would raise an
    error that it cannot find: .!ScriptSED.Tools.Despatch
    because the path (StrongED$Tmp_ToolPath) to locate it isn't set.

What happens if you simply click Select over the Apply icon?

> But why? I've done a modest bit of customisation of my copy of
> StrongED, but this was only adding three icons to the top bar of the
> StrongED edit window (can't remember the proper name for this), and
> adding the "Send" icon to the Sprites file, so that I can have a "save
> and close" in all the windows. Something I've done must have affected
> the failure to set the above variables, but I have no clue what that
> might have been.

Make sure that your additions are not in the middle of the lines for the
Apply icon. The following lines should be listed in sequence:

   Icon     Apply
   Help     HBM_apply
   Select   SetTmp() Run(...

   Adjust   SetTmp() Process(...

   c-Drag   SetTmp() Process(...

   s-Drag   SetTmp() Process(...

   cs-Drag  SetTmp() Process(...

   <additions should go here>

If you add an icon in the middle of this block then all the lines that
come after the addition will be taken as part of the new icon and no
longer be part of the Apply icon.


StrongED Developer

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