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Re: [StrongED] Re: StrongED and Lua

In message <723c968e53.pnyoung@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  Peter Young <pnyoung@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> I think the help that Gavin has given may well have identified where
> the problem lies. It seems that none of the StrongED_Tmp system
> variables are getting set. See:

> *show StrongED_Tmp$*
> *
> *Show StrongED$Tmp_*
> *

Those are not initially set but only appear after some process that 
requires them has been used. This is what I found after a lua script 
had been applied. If the process does not start then these variables 
may never be set, in a chicken and egg sort of way.

StrongED$Tmp_DragFile : Fat32Fs::SSD120.$.Progm.Progm2.Lua.henry
StrongED$Tmp_FileLeaf : Textfile
StrongED$Tmp_FileName : Textfile
StrongED$Tmp_FilePath :
StrongED$Tmp_MarkWord :
StrongED$Tmp_ModeName : BaseMode
StrongED$Tmp_ModePath : StrongED_Tmp:Modes.BaseMode
StrongED$Tmp_ToolPath : StrongED_Tmp:Tools
StrongED$Tmp_WorkView(Number) : 557038457
StrongED$Tmp_WriteDir : Boot:Choices.!StrED_cfg.UserPrefs.


> But why? I've done a modest bit of customisation of my copy of
> StrongED, but this was only adding three icons to the top bar of the
> StrongED edit window (can't remember the proper name for this), and
> adding the "Send" icon to the Sprites file, so that I can have a "save
> and close" in all the windows. Something I've done must have affected
> the failure to set the above variables, but I have no clue what that
> might have been.

> As before, any guidance would be most gratefully received, or might it
> be better if I just reinstalled a "virgin" copy of the app, and then
> did the customisation over again, but this time in stages to see what
> might have caused the error?

If you like you can zip me your !StrongED and StrED_cfg and I will 
have a look.

David Pitt
Raspberry Pi RISC OS 5.21

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