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Re: [StrongED] Block indent behaviour

In message <ee28a88d53.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>
          Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> If you could have a look at the option and let me know what you'd expect
> then I'll know if it's just me having the wrong expectation or whether
> the option needs changing (either the wording or its behaviour).

Thanks to everyone that has responded. Like Frank I don't use the option
either but simply edit the selection directly. However, the code behind
the option uses the code I'm working on so I had the make sure it was
still working correctly.

This led to a surprise; the Indent option doesn't just indent the block
as one might expect. It inserts a string at the position of the caret,
or deletes characters from the caret position onwards.

 - If the string is a positive number then that many spaces are

 - If the string is a negative number then that many characters are

 - In all other cases it simply inserts the string entered.

Given that no one tried the latter 2 - and why would you as there's no
clue that that is possible - suggests that the option is unclear about
what is does.

David's suggestion of splitting this into two options seems like a good
idea. An 'Indent' option that takes a number (+ and -) and adjusts the
line indentation. Plus a 'Insert string' option that inserts the string
entered at the caret position. Any comments?


StrongED Developer

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