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[StrongED] Re: Block indent behaviour

In article <ee28a88d53.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>,
   Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Whilst doing this I also looked at the other code that uses block edit
> such as Menu -> Block -> Process -> Indent. It's behaviour is not what I
> was expecting.

> What do you expect will happen just by looking at that option, ie
> without trying it? Should the position of the caret have an impact on
> the result?

To me, the menu option suggests the block as a whole is to be indented
by the specified number of characters, so no, I would not expect the
position of the caret to be significant.

However, I never indent blocks using the menu. I select the block,
position the caret where the indent is supposed to appear and press
space or tab a number of times.

Sometimes I'll use that same procedure to insert a column of other
characters in a block and then I would definitely expect the position of
the caret to have an impact.


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