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Re: [StrongED] Re: StrongED and Lua

In message <b6c3228d53.pnyoung@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Peter Young <pnyoung@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 16 Sep 2013  Gavin Wraith <gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> However, now dragging a Lua script to the Apply icon does simply
> >> nothing, with plain drag, shift-drag or control-drag! Am I dong
> >> something wrong, perhaps, or is there a real problem now with doing
> >> this? Doing this has worked for me in the past.
> > Had !lua been "seen" by the filer, i.e. filer_booted, when you tried
> > this? Putting !lua in !Boot.Resources is a good way of ensuring that
> > this happens at startup.
> Yes, that's where !lua is, and previously it used to work for me.

Alternatively, put it anywhere and add it to Boot -> Look at.

> > I too have StrongED 4.69 and dragging to the Apply icon worked straight
> > off after I had installed the new version of StrongED. It is the
> > application !ScriptSED in !StrongED.Defaults.Tools that sorts out
> > all the dragging to the Apply icon stuff. In !ScriptSED.Languages.lua
> > the *command "lua" is used. This command gets defined when !lua is
> > filer_booted. If !lua has not been filer booted then nothing will
> > happen because the system macro "lua" will be an empty string.
> > Let me know if this information does not sort your problem out.
> Yes, the lua tool is indeed in !StrongED.Defaults.Tools, but the
> scripts still won't run for me.

Does anything happen?

> >> I can't find any information about Lua in StrongED's help file
> > Well StrongED can potentially cope with any scripting language
> > so long as the appropriate Obey file is in !ScriptSED.Languages.
> > I do not think Fred has got round to supplying Help files for
> > each of the ones supplied.

No, I haven't, I'll add it to the to-do list. The manual for BaseMode
might be a good place for this.


StrongED Developer

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