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[StrongED] StrongED and Lua

This is with StrongED 4.69 on an ARMini, FWIW.

I saw in the ANS newsletter that RiscLua 5.70 is available, and went 
to the website and downloaded it, though in fact it identified itself 
as 5.60 when it arrived. I confess that I don't really understand Lua, 
but I have played with it in the past in an attempt to understand just 
a little about it.

However, now dragging a Lua script to the Apply icon does simply 
nothing, with plain drag, shift-drag or control-drag! Am I dong 
something wrong, perhaps, or is there a real problem now with doing 
this? Doing this has worked for me in the past.

I can't find any information about Lua in StrongED's help file, or 
about StrongED in RiscLua's help file.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

With best wishes,


Peter Young (zfc W) and family
Prestbury, Cheltenham, Glos. GL52, England

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