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Re: [StrongED] 4.69 vs 4.68 ModeFiles

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          Martin Bazley <martin.bazley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The following bytes were arranged on 2 Sep 2013 by Fred Graute :
> [snip]
> > Apart from fixing the sysvar names, I would suggest updating at least
> > BaseMode and C mode. All other modes can be done later or left as is.
> Well, I don't really use C mode, so that doesn't sound too arduous.
> Another question: have there been any additions to the Choices or
> Colours files, or can I copy the old ones over?

There's been one cghange to the Choices file: Display_VisibleNL has been
added. It's not a problem if it's missing though, the option will be
given a default value in that case. When next you save the choices the
option will be added to the Choices file.

The Colours file is still the same.


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