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[StrongED] Executing commands in a SE text file

A good while ago someone wrote a procedure enabling a user to open
directories/run programs. For example typing ADFS::HardDisc4.$ in a text
file and double-clicking on the highlighted text opens the root

This works perfectly under SE4.69a7 but not with the latest SE4.69

By editing the BaseMode ModeFile in the SE
configuration I added...

<tab>Filename1<tab>"ADFS::" {~(Ctrl|White) Any}+

to the Search section and added...

<tab>Filename1<tab>Run("Filer_Run <StrongED$Tmp_MarkWord>")

to the ClickList Select2 section.

<tab> is set to "As dotted line" in Mode Choices - Tabs.

I also added adfs:: to the end of the line where the user can specify
highlighted text like http://

under... "SyntaxWords Group8 EndOfExpr ee_url nocase".

I changed "Run" in ModeLock to Y instead of A.

How can I make this work under SE4.69?

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