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Re: [StrongED] Copy problem

In article <537b9e9e07cvjazz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Chris Newman
<cvjazz@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In article <537b19bd39cvjazz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>,

> > > Whoops! My mistake. I meant Shift/Ctrl/C which used to copy to
> > > clipboard.

> > > I just tested it again, got the abort on data transfer. This time I
> > > quit, but when I reloaded StrongEd and went to search the BaseMode file
> > > to check how it was set, the search facility would not work. Nor Search
> > > & Replace.

> > > I'll investigate more tomorrow & get back to you.

> > Now checked. This is the entry for Crtrl/Shift/c I have in the baseMode
> > file, which I haven't altered at all.

> > cs-C		CB_Copy  BlockClear

> > I've also discovered, when I get the error message, if I click continue,
> > StrongEd carries on OK. The highlighting disappears but I can highlight
> > again & Ctrl/Shift/c works correctly.

> > Dragging & dropping the highlighted text works OK. There was never a
> > problem with that.

> Solved the problem, in part.

> I had BaseMode Choices set for Tabs to be "As spaces to align with the line
> above/below." I recently discovered, with it set like that, I couldn't Tab
> from the beginning of a line. I set the Choices to "As TAB character (aka
> TrueTab" & everything now works.

No I haven't solved it. It's back. Bu****! Perhaps it never really went away.
Fred, would the StrongDump file shed any light if I sent it to you?

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