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[StrongED] StrongED 4.69b5 C mode weird indentation

I have found some strange indentation behaviour with the latest C mode 
which is very annoying.
When I start a new block and enter e.g. a variable as first line of 
this block - after my normal indentation with TAB - (e.g. int j = 0;) 
then after pressing <Return> StrongED adds one space in front of my 
text and the cursor in the next line is set one character behind my 
intended indentation position; I must remove the additional space 
character and enter ';' - this is for not losing the complete 
indentation of the new line - and then I can move the cursor one line 
up for removing the superfluous character in the first line.
After that the indentation behaviour is normal again - i.e. there is 
no additional space added at front.

This is weird and very annoying.

It does not happen in StrongED v4.69b3 together with the "old" C mode 


Willi Theiß

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