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Re: [StrongED] [AltGr Ctrl ] no effect on StrongEd icon on iconbar

In message <dcced16c53.wim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Wim Hendriks <waj.hendriks@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In the run-file of Warfarin you can redefine the combination and I have
> choosen the right Ctrl button instead of Home. Now AltGr+Ctrl gives the
> menu. Works fine for all applications except for StrongEd menu behind
> icon on the iconbar. Menu of a StrongEd window works ok.

StrongED has various actions tied to mouse clicks on its iconbar icon.
These include clicks with Ctrl or Shift held down but only for Select
and Adjust. Menu clicks with Ctrl / Shift down are ignored.

You'll need to find a key combination that doesn't include Ctrl / Shift.
Alt-Enter maybe?


StrongED Developer

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