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[StrongED] [AltGr Ctrl ] no effect on StrongEd icon on iconbar

A Logitech K400r keyboard is used on a Raspberry Pi with RISC OS. This
keyboard has a touchpad and two buttons. There is no Menu button. To
create a Menu button I have installed the application Warfarin (v1.11).
Warfarin simulates mouse movements and button clicks.

Standard, the home button together with an Alt works as menu botton.
This works fine except the home on this keyboard is put behind the Fn
button. Therefore to get the menu you must use Alt-Fn-Home, what needs
two free hands.

In the run-file of Warfarin you can redefine the combination and I have
choosen the right Ctrl button instead of Home. Now AltGr+Ctrl gives the
menu. Works fine for all applications except for StrongEd menu behind
icon on the iconbar. Menu of a StrongEd window works ok.

Used RISC OS 5.19, StrongEd 4.69a7 and Warfarin setting in !run:
 SetEval Warfarin$Middle &61
 |SetEval Warfarin$Middle &20 (=standard)

Is this a bug?

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Wim Hendriks

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