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[StrongED] StrongED 4.69b5 C mode bracket (mis)match freezing

I recently got round to upgrading StrongED from 4.67 to 4.69b2
on my VRPC-AdjustSA system to match my Raspberry Pi environment.

However, as you've just announced 4.69b5 I upgraded to it.

With Edit_MatchBrackets On I'm still encountering some short freezes when
there is a bracket mismatch, either curly or round.

Admittedly, my C source file is a bit large - only about 49000 lines, but
the freeze can be more than ten seconds for a round bracket mismatch when
using StrongED 4.69b5 on my VRPC-AdjustSA (RISC OS 6.20) system.

The freezes occur during editing when adding a new left bracket or when
moving the caret up or down the document passing through a line with a a
mismatched left bracket (with the caret to the right of the bracket).

I am surmising here so you can correct me humanely, but it seems to me
that the bracket match routine isn't stopping when it reaches the
first line that is outside the visible window area (so there won't be a
visible bracket to highlight), but just keeps on searching until it
reaches the end of the document. That would explain the apparent freeze in
activity when a large file is being edited.


Pete Miller.

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