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[StrongED] StrongED 4.69b4 available

Hi All,

The fourth beta release of StrongED 4.69 can found on the website:

The main changes are in the handling of mode permissions. To, hopefully,
make this more user-friendly the window asking for permission now allows
the permission to be set to: 'Allow always' or 'Deny always'. This in
addition to the Allow and Deny options already present.

To accommodate this the ModeLock file had to change in format somewhat.
It has gained a header which is used to check if the file is old or new
format. Old format files are updated silently to the new format.

Permissions are now:

 - 'Y' = Allow always
 - 'N' = Deny always
 - 'A' = Ask for permission.

Doing it this way means that a permission can be set permanently without
having to edit the ModeLock file manually. Note that once a permission
has a permanent setting it can only be changed by altering the ModeLock
file by hand.

The wording of the error message has been changed to try and make it
clearer. It being a standard RO error window does limit the options

The downside of all this is that StrongED now really needs RISC OS 3.5
as the minimum OS version.

As always, all feedback is welcome and appreciated!


Changes in StrongED 4.69b4 (from 4.69b3)

 - ChangeMode() didn't work as intended when no parameters were given.

 - Removal of Questions window caused IA help to be out of sync. Some
   window displayed the wrong IA help.

 - Activated scroll-events for LoF/Throwback so you can scroll using
   the mouse scroll-wheel on RISC OS 5.

 - Key bindings page in the manual updated so it's in line with this
   release's BaseMode.

Changes in BaseMode

 - Removed all keybindings for different export formats

 - Removed cs-S keybinding, c-O,c-S opens Snippets dbox

 - Added keybinding c-E,c-E, opens ExportSED dbox

 - Added keybinding c-E,c-D, opens DigDirSED dbox

 - Added keybinding c-E,c-U, opens FTPupSED dbox

 - Extended the emailpart search expression

 - PrintHead now uses <StrongED$Tmp_FileName>

 - Changed all modifier indicators from ^up-arrow to cs-

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