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Re: [StrongED] BaseMode keymap

In message <7f05db5a53.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>
          Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> It might be useful for others as well, which is why I've put a copy on
> the website. Almost all keybindings from the Main KeyList are in there,
> the global keybindings and those for dialogue boxes are not listed.

The keymap has been updated. All the Global keybindings are now present.
A couple of errors have been corrected.


The archive also contains the StrongED reference card which is basically
the keymap in StrongHelp format. This will later be incorporated in the
main manual.

There is a new BaseMode ModeFile too. The following changes were made:

 - Removed all keybindings for different export formats
 - Removed cs-S keybinding, c-O,c-S opens Snippets dbox
 - Added keybinding c-E,c-E, opens ExportSED dbox
 - Added keybinding c-E,c-D, opens DigDirSED dbox
 - Added keybinding c-E,c-U, opens FTPupSED dbox
 - Extended the emailpart search expression
 - PrintHead now uses <StrongED$Tmp_FileName>
 - Changed all modifier indicators from ^? to cs-

Please that this is only guaranteed to work with StrongED 4.69b3!

If you find any errors, or have any suggestions for improvements then
please let me know ASAP so they can be included in the 4.69 release.


StrongED Developer

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