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Re: [StrongED] ChangeMode without arguments

In message <5356021189stronged-sub@xxxxxxxxx>
          Frank de Bruijn <stronged-sub@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Using 4.69b2 (!RunImage dated 27-04-2013):
> The ChangeMode function without arguments seems to have stopped working.

Thank you for reporting this.

> For years I've used cs-ESC to toggle between (e.g.) News and BaseMode,
> but after I switched to 4.69b2 I found this version didn't want to know
> about it. My ModeFile had ChangeMode() at this entry and the StrongHelp
> Manual doesn't mention this is no longer supported.

This functionality is now restored. There is a slight difference from
the original behaviour.

Invoking ChangeMode() without parameters will toggle a text's mode from
current mode to previous mode (and back again). When a text is created
its previous mode is set to BaseMode. So, initially, cs-ESC will toggle
between current mode and BaseMode.

If however the text's mode is changed from, say, X to Y then cs-ESC will
toggle between modes X and Y. You can no longer change the mode back to
BaseMode using cs-ESC. This is different from earlier behaviour where
cs-ESC would always toggle current mode <-> BaseMode, even after a mode

> Checking the default BaseMode ModeFile I found three occurrences of
> ChangeMode: the cs-ESC one, one with c-M and another with cs-M. Only the
> last one (which specified Toggle and "BaseMode") actually worked (I
> think the last two may have been there for quite some time, because my
> modified ModeFile also has them and I'm certain I didn't add them
> myself).

To allow you to still change back to BaseMode two new keybindings have
been created (in 4.68a1); c-M and cs-M. c-M works the same as cs-ESC.

cs-M always toggles between the current mode and BaseMode. This means
that if you've changed from mode X to Y and then press cs-M you can not
change back to mode X using c-M (or cs-ESC) as this will toggle between
BaseMode and Y now (as BaseMode is current mode and Y is previous mode).


StrongED Developer

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