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[StrongED] StrongED 4.69b3 available

Hi All,

The third beta release of StrongED 4.69 can found on the website:

This release fixes a couple of issues that have been found in 4.69b3
(see below).

Two new search constructs: '\(' and '\{'. They will test the current
character against the bracket given and if they match, search through
the text to the matching closing bracket, skipping comments and strings.
The search then continues after the closing bracket.

GotoBracket has been rewritten, it doesn't use syntax colouring anymore.
This stops it from opening folds when looking for the matching bracket.
It should still work as before but it's quite different internally.

The above two changes have been made to enable better support for the C
mode. Listing functions and folding can now use search expressions that
will hopefully perform better than the built-in ListOfC.

The C mode has been updated accordingly. I would very much appreciate it
if those of you who use StrongED for writing C would give the updated C
mode a try and report your findings back to me. See changes below.

As always, all feedback is welcome and appreciated!


Changes in StrongED 4.69b3 (from 4.69b2)

 - Fix loading of histories. Each entry consists of a number and a
   parameter. The number was written out as hex but read in as decimal.

 - When a TaskWindow is killed, its mode is switched to BaseMode. This
   had the unwanted side-effect of the view claiming the input focus.

 - Commenting out all lines in a ClickList section, but not the actual
   ClickList itself, would result in an abort when clicking in a text.
   (It's still best though to comment out the entire ClickList)

 - GotoBracket has been rewritten, it no longer uses syntax colouring.
   Stops it from opening folds when looking for the matching bracket.

 - Two new search constructs: '\(' and '\{'. Search for matching bracket
   skipping brackets in comments and strings. Search continues after the
   closing bracket.

 - Selecting text with the mouse in a view which had the Toolbar turned
   off would abort when a screen edge was reached.

Changes to the C mode

The 'List C functions' and 'Next/Prev function' buttons give the old
behaviour when clicked on with Select. The new behaviour, using the
search expressions, are under Shift-Select.

Folding now also uses the search expressions, in addition to the old
fold markers.

Please note that this version of C mode can only be used with 4.69b3!

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