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[StrongED] ChangeMode without arguments

Using 4.69b2 (!RunImage dated 27-04-2013):

The ChangeMode function without arguments seems to have stopped working.

For years I've used cs-ESC to toggle between (e.g.) News and BaseMode,
but after I switched to 4.69b2 I found this version didn't want to know
about it. My ModeFile had ChangeMode() at this entry and the StrongHelp
Manual doesn't mention this is no longer supported.

Checking the default BaseMode ModeFile I found three occurrences of
ChangeMode: the cs-ESC one, one with c-M and another with cs-M. Only the
last one (which specified Toggle and "BaseMode") actually worked (I
think the last two may have been there for quite some time, because my
modified ModeFile also has them and I'm certain I didn't add them

It's no big deal of course. I just changed the cs-ESC entry to specify
type and mode and it's back in business. May be a good idea to change
the StrongHelp manual. Unless this is a bug, of course...


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