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Re: [StrongED] Re: Illegal window handle in Taskwindow

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          Frank de Bruijn <stronged-sub@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In article <5d85a85553.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>,
>    Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Thanks for trying to get to the bottom of this. Could you post your
> > choices for BaseMode here, or send it to me directly, so that I can
> > compare it against my copy?
> Sent separately.

Thanks for the choices file. It has allowed me to fix this problem.

The cause is the Toolbar being turned off. StrongED checks whether the
Toolbar needs to be scrolled. It calls Wimp_GetPointerInfo and checks if
the pointer is over a Toolbar and near its edge.

When the Toolbar is off its windowhandle is set to -1. When the pointer
reaches the edge of the screen, Wimp_GetPointerInfo returns -1 for the

This matches the Toolbar handle so StrongED tries to work out if the
pointer is near the edge. For this it uses the Toolbar handle of -1,
which is invalid => 'illegal window handle.'

I've changed the code so that it ignores windowhandle -1 (and -2) as
returned by Wimp_GetPointerInfo as these can't be Toolbar handles.


StrongED Developer

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