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[StrongED] Re: Illegal window handle in Taskwindow

In article <a163745553.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>,
   Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks for the extra info. Unfortunately I still cannot get it to abort.
> I've tried lots of drags, with and without StrongED views open, but all
> of them worked without problem.

Odd. It happens everywhere I use 4.69b2, even on RPCEmu 0.8.10 (full
screen mode only, with RISC OS 4.39, 5.19 or 6.20).

> Could it be caused by something else you're running?

No, it's definitely StrongED, but -after trying a completely fresh
installation without *any* modifications which didn't abort- I'm sure it
must be something in my personalised setup. No option but to fix that

Thanks for investigating anyway.


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