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Re: [StrongED] StrongED Primer, help wanted

On 1 Jun at 21:42, Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> In an attempt to improve things I've
> started putting together a simply primer that should explain the first
> steps. Just enough to help users install StrongED and to start using
> it at a basic level.

How basic is basic?

My thought is that the explanations about Modes are not basic. 
Personally I use StrongEd quite a lot, just to make simple text files
about all the web sites I log into and need to retain information about.
 So I would only need a "Get Started" section to tell me where to put
!StrongEd and !StrEdCfg and then double click to start, click on the
iconbar icon to create a new document and click on any text document to
read it in StrongEd.

Then there might be a section on setting it to auto-start on Power On.

Then there might be pointers to further facilities in the User Manual:
Choices, editing special format texts with the Modes facility, etc.

Or is this too simple for the average user?

Tim Powys-Lybbe                                           tim@xxxxxxxxx
             for a miscellany of bygones: http://powys.org/

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