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Re: [StrongED] Illegal window handle in Taskwindow

In message <535558af0bstronged-sub@xxxxxxxxx>
          Frank de Bruijn <stronged-sub@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Last night I wrote:
> > The error is always reported as Message from StrongED, even if the
> > drag was started in a Filer window.
> More specific, if the drag is started in a window that can have dragable
> objects, but not *on* such an object. I.e. drag a file from a Filer
> window, no abort. Start an empty drag in an empty Filer window, drag
> mouse to screen edge, abort.
> Just tried it with 4.69b2 on a Pi (RISC OS 5.19). Same thing happened.

Thanks for the extra info. Unfortunately I still cannot get it to abort.
I've tried lots of drags, with and without StrongED views open, but all
of them worked without problem. Could it be caused by something else
you're running?

Has anyone else tried to drag as Frank has described?
Did you get an abort?


StrongED Developer

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