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[StrongED] StrongED Primer, help wanted

Hi All,

With the arrival of the RPi and new users coming to RISC OS as well as
old ones returning it's become clear from questions in various fora that
StrongED's missing an easy introduction in how to install and start
using it.

Philip's question earlier today is one example of things that are not
immediate obvious to (new) users. In an attempt to improve things I've
started putting together a simply primer that should explain the first
steps. Just enough to help users install StrongED and to start using it
at a basic level. Plus pointers to where more detailed information can
be found.

At the moment the primer is unfinished and incomplete but hopefully it
will show what I'm aiming for. I would very much appreciate your input
so that the primer can be made as clear as possible for anyone wanting
to install & use StrongED, in particular to those that have not used
StrongED before.

Please have a look at the primer and let me know what you think.
Any kind of feedback is welcome. The primer can be found here:


StrongED Developer

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