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Re: [StrongED] Illegal window handle in Taskwindow

In message <5354f7b121stronged-sub@xxxxxxxxx>
          Frank de Bruijn <stronged-sub@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Using 4.69b2 (!RunImage dated 27-04-2013):
> - open TaskWindow
> - fill window, e.g. with the show command
> - drag mouse across text to select
> -> Illegal window handle
> Reproducible, but not always. I.e. in one out of ten or so attempts the
> abort did not occur.
> Font either Standard OS system font or Bitmap SystemOS. No other changes
> in the mode's choices that I am aware of.

It's working fine here on an Iyonix. Are you using an RPi, or one of the
other new systems?

If it's an RPi, what compatability mode are you using?


StrongED Developer

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