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[StrongED] BASIC keeps prompting me when I press RETURN/ENTER


It must have been a while as I've had to subscribe to this mailing list :)

On my RaspberryPi, I've updated StrongED to the latest alpha release (469b2)
Whilst editing BASIC files, if I press RETURN/ENTER I get the error message (*):
    Unauthorised action 'Process' ...

When I'm not skipping past the message (because all I want to do is edit the file),
It tells me to read the Security section in the manual.
But I look in there and I can't find the Security section ;) .

First of all, I don't know what 'Process' is doing (or meant to be doing) when I press RETURN/ENTER in a BASIC file (so some clarity might help here). And despite what I choose, I still get a newline (so I'm really clueless as to what it wanted to do ;) )

Is it possible to improve the message? Something like:
    Unauthorised action: TEXT
    Click W to deny this time or X to deny always
    Click Y to allow this time or Z to allow always
Click HELP to open the security section in the manual for more information (the newlines are important as 'Process' was hidden in the middle of the first line).

*: It's an error message to me ;) .
It's a single tasking Wimp message window with a couple of icons, some text and the equivalent of "Cancel" and "OK" buttons ;)


Philip J. Ludlam.

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