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Re: [StrongED] transient and raspberry pi

Fred Graute  wrote

> In message <41386a4c53.iyojohn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>           John Rickman Iyonix <rickman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Transient 2.06 on Raspberry Pi RISC OS 5.19 v8 does not appear to be
>> deleting files dropped on the iconbar icon.
>> The files are copied to the day's directory however.

> Are you trying to _move_ the files to Transient's Today directory, so
> that they are deleted from their original location?

> Assuming that's the case, remember that you need to hold down Shift
> while dragging. You may also want to look at the option that controls
> how the Shift key is interpreted. The option can be found here:
> 'Choices -> Misc -> Invert meaning of Shift key on drag to iconbar'

Thanks Fred - I have been using Transient as a waste bin for so long 
that I forgot that it is also a generic filer.


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