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Re: [StrongED] Feature request / bug report - Taskwindow mode

On 8 May 2013 as I do recall,
          Fred Graute  wrote:

> In message <CALE3-UBtBhtWbmVGU2hpSYPxygvPZigrMFhfjp1iW3H0te3Oeg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>           Richard Griffin <rik.griffin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > When I run a Task Obey file, obviously it opens a StrongEd window to
> > show to output from the task. When the task is finished, this window
> > grabs the input focus. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but I
> > find it to be undesirable behaviour. Tasks should never grab the focus
> > except for a very good reason, IMHO.
> A TaskWindow is a regular view (almost) and these always get the input
> focus when created. It would be possible to not set focus in case of a
> TaskWindow but this would then be done for all TaskWindows opened.
> This may not be desirable for TaskWindows opened using Ctrl-F12, as you
> would most likely want to type in a *-command, and there doesn't seem to
> be an easy way to distinguish between a TaskWindow being opened using
> Ctrl-F12 and one being opened by a running task.
> The only option therefore seems to be to create a global option that
> controls whether a TaskWindow gets the input focus upon opening. It
> would then be up to the user to decide what they prefer.
> Would this be satisfactory?
I'm not convinced that this is actually desirable behaviour - if your
task dumped its output to a file and then Filer_Ran it to display the
output, this window would 'grab the focus', and printing its output to a
newly-opened TaskWindow is essentially exactly the same thing.   One
could say that is a disadvantage of using a text editor as a display
mechanism (save that displaying a drawfile, Impression file, spreadsheet
etc has exactly the same effect, in that the newly-opened window takes
the input focus!)

As Fred says, the normal purpose for opening a TaskWindow is precisely
in order to type into it (the Firefox port demonstrates the annoyingness
of a program that *doesn't* allow you to type into a newly-opened window
by default!), and having a special-case option to remove the input focus
from TaskWindows by default seems both inconsistent with the normal
behaviour of the app and of the desktop.

Perhaps a mechanism that would actually do what you want (an output-only
device?) would be Acorn's FrontEnd module, originally supplied as part
of Acorn's C suite.   This was a precursor to the Toolbox which allowed
command-line programs to run in a simple application shell with a
templates file and a Desc file in text format to control what mapped to
what - basically, a means of giving a command-line-only program a crude
WIMP interface so that the user could type/drag into icons instead of
typing command-line switches.   It also allowed the program to direct
its output into a scrolling text window, but crucially this seems to be
a one-way device that only displays text and doesn't allow the user to
edit it - and hence doesn't grab the input focus.   :-)

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