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Re: [StrongED] Feature request / bug report - Taskwindow mode

In message <CALE3-UBtBhtWbmVGU2hpSYPxygvPZigrMFhfjp1iW3H0te3Oeg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Richard Griffin <rik.griffin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> When I run a Task Obey file, obviously it opens a StrongEd window to
> show to output from the task. When the task is finished, this window
> grabs the input focus. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but I
> find it to be undesirable behaviour. Tasks should never grab the focus
> except for a very good reason, IMHO.

A TaskWindow is a regular view (almost) and these always get the input
focus when created. It would be possible to not set focus in case of a
TaskWindow but this would then be done for all TaskWindows opened.

This may not be desirable for TaskWindows opened using Ctrl-F12, as you
would most likely want to type in a *-command, and there doesn't seem to
be an easy way to distinguish between a TaskWindow being opened using
Ctrl-F12 and one being opened by a running task.

The only option therefore seems to be to create a global option that
controls whether a TaskWindow gets the input focus upon opening. It
would then be up to the user to decide what they prefer.

Would this be satisfactory?


StrongED Developer

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