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Re: [StrongED] Bug report - ClickList in C ModeFile

In message <CALE3-UDjygZSpN0qDyy0ZyydEpV4D-7s_k7RNy0xCkBJnnKUUA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Richard Griffin <rik.griffin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In C mode, if I comment out all the "ClickList" entries in the
> ModeFile, then double click anywhere in a C text, StrongEd reports an
> error - usually "Illegal window handle" in a Wimp error box, then
> "Expression error" in a StrongEd error box.

Yes, I get this too. I think that StrongED assumes that if there is a
ClickList then there must be entries too. Will need to have a closer
look, for now it's best to comment out entire ClickList blocks not just
the entries.

> Incidentally, what I was trying to achieve was to stop StrongEd doing
> extra actions when I double click on some text. I'd like a double
> click to simply select the word clicked on. I don't particularly like
> the way a double click does different things depending on where you
> click (like clicking on a #include opening the header file, for
> example).

You can comment them out or change the ClickList name to c-Adjust 2,
say, so that you retain the functionality but without it impacting on
plain double-clicks.

> Is the "double click selects word" feature built in to SE itself, or
> is it implemented by something in the ModeFile?

Both, the feature is in StrongED but what gets selected is defined by
the _MarkWord expression in the mode's ModeFile.


StrongED Developer

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