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[StrongED] Bug report - ClickList in C ModeFile

In C mode, if I comment out all the "ClickList" entries in the
ModeFile, then double click anywhere in a C text, StrongEd reports an
error - usually "Illegal window handle" in a Wimp error box, then
"Expression error" in a StrongEd error box.

Incidentally, what I was trying to achieve was to stop StrongEd doing
extra actions when I double click on some text. I'd like a double
click to simply select the word clicked on. I don't particularly like
the way a double click does different things depending on where you
click (like clicking on a #include opening the header file, for

Is the "double click selects word" feature built in to SE itself, or
is it implemented by something in the ModeFile?

Richard Griffin
Software Engineer, Denbridge Marine Ltd

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