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Re: [StrongED] StrongED 4.69b1 available

In message <8eb1f73c53.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>
          Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi All,


> Please let me know when you find a bug so that it can be fixed before
> the final release of StrongED 4.69, thanks.
> As always, all feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Many thanks for your continued work on StrongED, Fred. I apologise for
the nit-picking below -- this started out as a genuine bug report and
seems to have degenerated into a list of increasingly minor 'things that
annoy me'...

- It used to be possible to use the character selector with the various
  search dialogues, but in 4.69b1 pressing cs-F9 causes any open search
  dialogue to close. (I'm afraid I haven't kept up to date with the most
  recent releases on my main machine, so I can't say for sure when the
  behaviour changed: 4.69a1 definitely works.)

- Loading a module file into Dump mode no longer defaults to disassembly
  view (a side effect of Dump's new 'half word' mode?)

- Adjuster arrows: some follow the useful convention that an
  Adjust-click reverses the action of Select, but those in Global
  Choices -> Colours, Mode Choices -> LineNos and Mode Choices -> Font
  do not. Those in Global Choices -> Printing don't seem to work at all.

- In Mode Choices -> Misc, the content of the 'Default filetype'
  writable seems to have acquired a spurious leading 0 (purely cosmetic,
  as far as I can tell).

- The 'Old' button in the Interactive Search and LoF dialogues can be
  activated by pressing c-O; the equivalent button in the Search/Replace
  dialogue cannot.

- Pop-up menus: these should open immediately to the right of their
  associated icon, but StrongED usually opens them like main menus
  (except the outline font menu in Mode Choices -> Font, which opens
  *below* its icon).

- It's always annoyed me that many of StrongED's dialogue boxes (LoF,
  Search/Replace, Goto etc.) don't use the standard colour to indicate
  when they have the input focus.

- I think Main menu -> Edit -> Goto block should be shaded when there's
  no selection.

I'll shut up now ;-)

James Harper

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