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Re: [StrongED] Sporadic crashes of StrongED

In message <6f5cc23653.wra1th@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Gavin Wraith <gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In message <dd5abc3653.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> you wrote:
> > I'm glad to say that this bug is now fixed, phew. :-)
> Some years back my copies of StrongED used to suffer a weird
> malady, in which it seemed as if my text had suddenly acquired
> a long tail, so that what I had written would disappear. Only the
> scrollbar position showed that my text was still there way up at the
> top. Soon after this happened StrongED would crash. Happily I have not
> suffered this for a few versions now. I wonder if that was the same bug
> or a related one?

When I diagnosed this bug I did wonder if this could be the cause of
your mystery bug but I now think it unlikely. Only if you were using
folding might it come into play, otherwise probably not.

It did show however that there are bugs in StrongED that have been there
for a long time without being detected because they are only triggered
under very specific circumstances.

Another example of a long standing bug came to light when investigating
this bug; trying to fold a selection using cs-Kp- (numeric keypad minus)
caused StrongED to hang. This bug too dates back to at least 4.60. Oops.


StrongED Developer

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