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Re: [StrongED] Attachments - Pls read and comment

The following bytes were arranged on 29 Mar 2013 by Richard Torrens (ListMaster):

> Generally attachments on lists are not sensible, but if they are small,
> they are no problem - what's small?


> What to list members want?

I'm remembering a discussion on the OpenVector mailing list a year or
more ago, which was carried out partly via the medium of (small)
attached illustrations.  As long as attachments aren't so big as to be
antisocial, and genuinely add to the content of the email, I don't see
the advantage in blocking them.  An upper size limit (somewhere around
50K) for attachments might be a good idea, though.

The single thing I really want from this list, and others on your
domain, is a browsable online archive!

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