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Re: [StrongED] Attachments - Pls read and comment

Richard Torrens (ListMaster) wrote

> Question - should attachments be allowed on this list or not?

It keeps things simple to not allow attachments

> Generally attachments on lists are not sensible, but if they are small,
> they are no problem - what's small?
5k ?
> Attachments sent to lists are usually targeted to one or two people only,
> so should be sent privately. Not via the list.
> If they are for public use - then a www  site is generally the best place
> for them.

> The list currently is configured to allow anything.
> I can configure it to only allow plain text. To snip attachments. Even to
> allow messages only below a certain overall length.

If it were configured to bounce mail with attachments it would save 
the embarrassment of accidently posting to the list a post that was 
intended to be private as happened to me recently.

> I can also configure a www site area which will allow public uploads via a
> www page.

Excellent idea which I could copy and set up something similar for the 
MUG list.


John Rickman - http://mug.riscos.org/

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