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Re: [StrongED] keystrokes for cut-and-paste; clipboard Q

Fred Graute  wrote on 23 Mar:
> I've just answered this on Archive-online [in thread "A proper OS"],
> here it is for the benefit of those not on AoL:


> You'll need to swap the keybindings for c-Z,c-X,c-C,c-V with those for
> cs-Z,cs-X,cs-C,cs-V.

Thanks, Fred.  I did the swap you said for X, C and V.
But I left Z alone, so that c-Z remains as "deselect" (which is 
familiar to me from other apps) and cs-Z as "purge clipboard".

> Save the file when done. If a query box pops up click on 'Save to
> UserPrefs'.


By the way, before asking for help, I had already looked in 
Choices:!StrEd_cfg.Userprefs but hadn't found anything relevant there. 
With hindsight, I now realize that's because I hadn't made any such 
changes since beginning to use a fresh copy of StrongEd on this 
particular machine.

Having saved the amended file to Userprefs, it's nice to see that 
Ctrl-Adjust-clicking StrongEd now opens that file rather than opening 
the default file as it did before.

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