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Re: [StrongED] keystrokes for cut-and-paste; clipboard Q

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          Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As shown in the "Quick reference" page of its Stronghelp, StrongEd
> uses c-X to delete a block, c-C to copy it, c-V to move it.
> I seem to recall that it is possible to swap these operations, but I
> can't find any mention of how.  I'd feel more at home if the "newer"
> operations happen without Shift, in line with most other applications.
> I'd invoke Shift for the more arcane old-style ops that I have never
> liked.
>    Can anybody enlighten me, please?

I've just answered this on Archive-online, here it is for the benefit of
those not on AoL:

You'll need to swap the keybindings for c-Z,c-X,c-C,c-V with those for

To do this load the BaseMode ModeFile by clicking Adjust on StrongED
iconbar icon with Ctrl held down.

Locate the following lines

       ^C              BlockCopy
       ^V              BlockMove
       ^X              BlockDelete
       ^Z              BlockClear

Replace the '^' with 'cs-', then locate the next 4 lines

       ^?Z             CB_Purge
       ^?X             CB_Copy  BlockDelete
       ^?C             CB_Copy  BlockClear
       ^?V             CB_Paste

Replace '^?' (that is '^up-arrow') with 'c-'.

Save the file when done. If a query box pops up click on 'Save to
UserPrefs'. The two sets of keys should now have their actions swapped.

>  - The "clipboard" referred to in the Stronghelp:  is that the
> so-called global clipboard or some clipboard internal to StrongEd?

It's the global clipboard, as you could have easily find out. Put some
text on the clipboard in StrongED and see if you can paste in another
application. If you can the clipboard is global, if you can't it isn't.

>  - Ctrl-Shift-Z is used to "clear the clipboard", according to the
> list of "the newer cut-and-paste operations" I referred to.  Is that
> actually correct?  In most other Acornland apps, Ctrl-Z deselects the
> block without affecting the clipboard.

Yes, that's correct. If you want it to just clear the selection replace
CB_Purge by BlockClear.


StrongED Developer

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