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[StrongED] keystrokes for cut-and-paste; clipboard Q

Can somebody please remind me how to customize the behaviour of 
certain shortcut keys.  (I'm using StrongEd 4.68 here on both Iyonix 
5.18 and RiscPC 4.39.)

As shown in the "Quick reference" page of its Stronghelp, StrongEd 
uses c-X to delete a block, c-C to copy it, c-V to move it.

Add the SHIFT key to give what the help-page on Block Handling calls 
"the newer cut-and-paste operations" -- i.e., cs-X to cut the block to 
the clipboard, cs-C to copy the block to the clipboard, cs-V to paste 
from the clipboard to the current cursor location.

I seem to recall that it is possible to swap these operations, but I 
can't find any mention of how.  I'd feel more at home if the "newer" 
operations happen without Shift, in line with most other applications. 
I'd invoke Shift for the more arcane old-style ops that I have never 
   Can anybody enlighten me, please?

Two by-the-way points occur while writing this:

 - The "clipboard" referred to in the Stronghelp:  is that the 
so-called global clipboard or some clipboard internal to StrongEd?

 - Ctrl-Shift-Z is used to "clear the clipboard", according to the 
list of "the newer cut-and-paste operations" I referred to.  Is that 
actually correct?  In most other Acornland apps, Ctrl-Z deselects the 
block without affecting the clipboard.

Jim Nagel                        www.archivemag.co.uk
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