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Re: [StrongED] ToggleBD 1.03 available

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          Tony Moore <old_coaster@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 19 Mar 2013, Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > In message <4ab0d32e53.old_coaster@old_coaster.yahoo.co.uk>
> >           Tony Moore <old_coaster@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> [snip StrongHelp]
> > > Toggle options Screen edge is greyed out but, in fact, the option is
> > > active on all four screen edges.
> >
> > Ah yes, there is placeholder code that reacts to the EdgeNotification
> > message that is in the ROL branch but not in the ROOL branch. I still
> > need to make a decision on this; use the message or do edge detection
> > in ToggleBD itself.
> Meanwhile, is it possible to unset the option?

Only by hacking the ToggleBD module. Load the module in StrongED, locate
the line at address &0000085C. The instruction at that address should

  STREQ   R0,[R12,#0]

Click on the line, press Space and change the instruction to:

  MOVEQ   R0,R0

Press Enter when finished and save the module. Run ToggleBD and pausing
the pointer at a screen edge should no longer toggle the backdrop.

> > > Here, ToggleBD continues to work, with the reservations mentioned in
> > > my earlier posts, ie for RO4.39 and 6.20 both 'Raise...' and
> > > 'Lower...' cause the backdrop to be toggled front/back. However, for
> > > RO5.19, only 'Lower...' toggles the backdrop. 'Raise...' brings the
> > > backdrop to the front but further keypresses. or icon clicks, don't
> > > send it back.
> >
> > I still don't understand why that is, here using 5.19 it works fine
> > both on the Iyonix and RPCEmu.
> I wonder if anyone else sees the problem?

There are only two reasons I can think of why this would happen. Either
the window handle of the backdrop changes or a window is opened in front
of the backdrop (note this also includes raising the iconbar).

> > > I'm afraid that 'bear of little brain', here, is still trying to
> > > understand the difference between 'Raise...' and 'Lower...' which,
> > > when using  RO4.39 or 6.20, seem to produce identical results:
> >
> > Open a window when the backdrop is raised then you'll see the
> > difference when you keypress/icon click again.
> Let toggle1 = 'first pair of keypresses/icon click' and
>     toggle2 = 'second pair of keypresses/icon click', etc


> For me, ToggleBD needs only to bring the backdrop to the front, on
> toggle1, and send the backdrop to the back, on toggle2. At present this
> is best served if Behaviour is set to 'Lower...'.
> Maybe I've misunderstood something ...

The two behaviours describe what happens when the backdrop has been
raised, as both behaviours will raise the backdrop when it's at back.

The two behaviours were created to allow a single hotkey combination to
generate both types of toggling. Initially TogglBD used only the iconbar
icon, Select click would raise and Adjust click would lower.

This however meant that there'd have to be two hotkey combinations too.
As there aren't that many possible combinations it seemed unreasonable
to appropriate two for a single application. So, I tried to come up with
something that offered a degree of flexibility but used only one hotkey

'Raise ...' uses the normal toggle behaviour of the underlying message
'ToggleBackdrop', whilst 'Lower ...' explicitly raises and lowers the


StrongED Developer

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