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Re: [StrongED] DigDirSED 1.01 available

In message <6457f92e53.wra1th@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Gavin Wraith <gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In message <9e79eb2e53.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> you wrote:
> > Which version of Lua are you using.
> >
> > Everything is fine when running Lua 5.41 but with Lua 5.50 things fail
> > as you've described. It seems that Lua 5.50 doesn't zero terminate
> > string in some sisuations. Perhaps Gavin can shed some light on this.
> Yes. I cannot remember exactly when, but at some point I decided that
> invisibly inserting terminating control characters was a bad policy.

[snip detailed explanation]

> These details are in the html manual that comes in the distribution.

Thanks Gavin, I'll give the HTML manual a good read.

> Easiest way of updating MatchText:
> Replace the two lines (6 & 7)
>    do
>      local sys,dim,dir in riscos
> by
>   local sys,dir in riscos
>   local dim = \ (s) => s .. '\0' end -- is nothing sacred?
> and remove the last line
> end -- do

Changes made and DigDirSED seems to be working OK with RiscLua 5.50,
thanks again.

> I apologize for the changes. RiscLua has always been changing, though
> there have been long periods of stagn... , sorry, stability.

No need to apologise, it's much the same with StrongED. At times changes
have to be made that affect how things work but that are needed to move
things forward.

> The next change coming up is to the library for writing wimp tasks
> and using the toolbox.

I look forward to it, a future version of Transient might use Lua rather
than Basic as it really needs more advanced datatypes.


StrongED Developer

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