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Re: [StrongED] ToggleBD 1.03 available

In message <4ab0d32e53.old_coaster@old_coaster.yahoo.co.uk>
          Tony Moore <old_coaster@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On the ToggleBD configuration window, clicking the info button displays
> the StrongHelp manual, _only_ if StrongHlp is actually running (it's not
> enough for StrongHlp to have been 'seen'). If StrongHlp is not on the
> iconbar, the error "File 'StrongHelp' not found" is generated.

I haven't added any code yet to detect if StrongHelp is already running
and to try and launch it if it's not.

> Toggle options Screen edge is greyed out but, in fact, the option is
> active on all four screen edges.

Ah yes, there is placeholder code that reacts to the EdgeNotification
message that is in the ROL branch but not in the ROOL branch. I still
need to make a decision on this; use the message or do edge detection in
ToggleBD itself.

Using the message is easier but limits on which OSs it can be used. I do
have an implementation of EdgeNotification for RISC OS 5 though, maybe I
should just submit that.

> Here, ToggleBD continues to work, with the reservations mentioned in my
> earlier posts, ie for RO4.39 and 6.20 both 'Raise...' and 'Lower...'
> cause the backdrop to be toggled front/back. However, for RO5.19, only
> 'Lower...' toggles the backdrop. 'Raise...' brings the backdrop to the
> front but further keypresses. or icon clicks, don't send it back.

I still don't understand why that is, here using 5.19 it works fine both
on the Iyonix and RPCEmu.

> I'm afraid that 'bear of little brain', here, is still trying to
> understand the difference between 'Raise...' and 'Lower...' which, when
> using  RO4.39 or 6.20, seem to produce identical results:

Open a window when the backdrop is raised then you'll see the difference
when you keypress/icon click again.


StrongED Developer

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