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Re: [StrongED] ToggleBD 1.01 available

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          Tony Moore <old_coaster@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

[snip; ToggleBD not working as expected on RPCEmu]

> I've now updated my RPCEmu installation to RO5.19 (10-Mar-13), and the
> latest available !Boot, which seems to be dated 27 Nov 2012, and I'm
> pleased to confirm that, if Behaviour is set to 'Lower if not at back',
> ToggleBD now works correctly.
> However, if Behaviour is set to 'Raise if not at front', ToggleBD does
> that, but the toggle action doesn't return the backdrop to the back.
> This is not a problem, because the other setting works, but I'm curious
> as to why there should be a difference when, logically, one would expect
> the same result.

Are you opening any windows whilst the backdrop is raised? This is where
the difference with 'Lower if not at back' and 'Raise if not at front'
becomes apparent. 'Lower...' will send the backdrop to the back while
'Raise...' will pull it to the front.

Also, does it matter how the backdrop is toggled; keyboard vs iconbar

Create an obey file with the command '*ToggleBD_ToggleBD 0'. Then issue
'AddTinyDir' in a TaskWindow and drag to obey file to the TinyDir icon.
Doubleclicking the icon should raise/lower the backdrop. Does this work
correctly for both types of behaviour?


StrongED Developer

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