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[StrongED] DigDirSED 1.01 available

Hi All,

DigDirSED 1.01 is now available for download from:

DigDirSED provides a way to search all files, in the directory that
holds the current file, for a given pattern without having to load all
files into StrongED. Matches found will be shown in a throwback window.

This version provides much greater control over which files will be
searched. It allows files to be included/excluded based on filetype
and/or pathname.

The optional recursion into subdirectories is also more refined; it can
recurse into applications, subdirectories or both.

Searches can now be either case-sensitive or case-insensitive.

DigDirSED needs to be installed inside StrongED itself.

To install DigDirSED, open StrongED's application directory and navigate
to Defaults.Tools. If there's a copy of DigDirSED already there, rename
or remove it. Then copy DigDirSED from the archive to this directory.

That's it! You can now invoke DigDirSED from a StrongED view using
Ctrl-F11. You may need to set permissions in the ModeLock file first.

Please note that DigDirSED requires RiscLua to be present and seen by
the Filer in order to work! It also requires the DDEUtils module to be
loaded so it can send throwback messages.

A big thank you to Gavin Wraith for RiscLua and also l--cate (from which
I borrowed a few ideas)!


StrongED Developer

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