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[StrongED] StrongSet 0.05 available

Hi All,

The fifth release of StrongSet can be found here:

The main change is that StrongSet now attempts to only allow valid
values. It does this by restricting which values can be entered:

 - Use string sets when only certain values are allowed.
 - Use menu with available fonts when changing font.
 - Use colour picker to change colour settings.

Some settings still require manual entry of the value, eg line number
width, in such cases it's up to you to ensure the value is sensible.
It is not validated in any way.

About StrongSet

StrongSet is a small application to allows choices files for StrongED
4.68 (and above) to be read and altered. Changes can be applied to one
mode, a selection of modes or all modes or. The changed files will be
written to StrED_cfg leaving the choices files inside StrongED

Make sure you drag the correct StrED_cfg to StrongSet and that the
system variable <StrongED$Dir> points to the right copy of StrongED.
The manual will tell you how if you're unsure about this.


StrongED Developer

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