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[StrongED] StrongFont 1.07a available

Hi All,

StrongFont 1.07a is available for download here:

This version has seen a major rewrite of the conversion code. Because of
this it should be considered an alpha quality release, please report any
bugs you find.

As usual, all feedback welcome.

Changes in 1.07a

 - Now handles characters of any size, in both Zap and StrongED fonts.

 - Output format can be set freely, no longer depends on input file.

 - Adding StrongED style control characters now includes character 127.

 - Characters used for StrongED's visible tabs can also be added.

 - Can output StrongED font files suitable for different versions:

   o 4.67 (with tabs at positions 0x000 - 0x003)
   o 4.68 (with tabs at positions 0x080 - 0x083)
   o 4.69 (with tabs at positions 0x100 - 0x103)

About StrongFont

StrongFont can be used to convert Zap fonts to StrongED fonts. The
control characters can optionally be replaced by a set of standard
StrongED control characters. The same can be done for visible tabs.

It can also convert StrongED fonts to individual characters (one sprite
per character) and vice versa. This makes it much easier to edit fonts
either to adjust existing fonts or to create entirely new fonts.


StrongED Developer

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