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Re: [StrongED] Ctrl-F3 used by other apps

In message <77f1032253.jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Fred Graute  wrote on 20 Feb:
> > In message <840d7d2053.jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >           Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> One of my other apps uses Ctrl-F3 for its own purpose, whereupon
> >> StrongEd always butts in and says "Mark is undefined".  It can be a
> >> bit disconcerting.

Having looked at it more closely, Ctrl-F3 is not a keypress that is
caught by the KeyExtend module so it's not being hijacked by StrongED.
Your app must be passing the keypress on when it shouldn't as it acts on
the keypress itself.

> > You could try issuing this *command: *KeyExtendVerifyClients On
> > Does it stop the error message when pressing Ctrl-F3 in the other app?
> Nope: command doesn't stop the error message.
> Out of curiosity I then tried   *help keyextendverifyclients   and got
> the respons "No help found".  Maybe I don't have whatever module this
> is.  (using Iyonix 5.18)

You do, otherwise issuing the command would have caused an error.

> > You probably didn't know that you can open a hidden/iconised view if it
> > has a mark set in it by pressing Ctrl-F1 .. Ctrl-F4 (for mark 1 - 4),
> > even when StrongED doesn't have the input focus.
> Among other apps on my iconbar is Druck's Workspace 5, whose
> "Fetch window" option gives a list of any applications that have
> windows, no matter whether they are open, hidden or iconized -- and
> nothing is listed for StrongEd.

What I tried to show is why Ctrl-F3 is a global keypress, that is one
StrongED will respond to even when it doesn't have the input focus or
even any existing views. If no mark is defined (and with no views there
can't be) it will always raise an error.


StrongED Developer

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