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Re: [StrongED] Ctrl-F3 used by other apps

Fred Graute  wrote on 20 Feb:

> In message <840d7d2053.jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>           Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> One of my other apps uses Ctrl-F3 for its own purpose, whereupon
>> StrongEd always butts in and says "Mark is undefined".  It can be a
>> bit disconcerting.

> One of the functions tied to Ctrl-F3 is a global function which means it
> can be acted upon even when StrongED doesn't have the input focus.

> You could try issuing this *command: *KeyExtendVerifyClients On
> Does it stop the error message when pressing Ctrl-F3 in the other app?

Nope: command doesn't stop the error message.
Out of curiosity I then tried   *help keyextendverifyclients   and got 
the respons "No help found".  Maybe I don't have whatever module this 
is.  (using Iyonix 5.18)

>> StrongEd 4.68 is on the iconbar but none of its windows are open --
>> so no wonder no mark is defined!

> You could have marks defined in views that are hidden or iconised.

No StrongEd windows are open, hidden or iconized.

>> This happens both on RiscPC (Ro 4.39) and Iyonix (Ro 5.18).
>> Or perhaps I as a pretty naive StrongEd user haven't yet discovered
>> some feature to do with marks?

> You probably didn't know that you can open a hidden/iconised view if it
> has a mark set in it by pressing Ctrl-F1 .. Ctrl-F4 (for mark 1 - 4),
> even when StrongED doesn't have the input focus.

Among other apps on my iconbar is Druck's Workspace 5, whose 
"Fetch window" option gives a list of any applications that have 
windows, no matter whether they are open, hidden or iconized -- and 
nothing is listed for StrongEd.

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