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Re: [StrongED] Re: Fresh 4.69a7 installation

On 21 Feb 2013, Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In message <16eb422153.harriet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>           Harriet Bazley <harriet.bazley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > On 20 Feb 2013 as I do recall, Fred Graute  wrote:
> >
> > [snip]
> >
> > > There's already a kind of project organiser; the List-of-Windows
> > > window. Load all the files in your project, then c-L to open LoW
> > > and click Menu over it. Open the Save [Save LoW] submenu (make
> > > sure Selection is unticked) and save it somewhere convenient. Next
> > > time you want to work on the project double-click the saved file
> > > to load all your files.
> >
> > Ooh, I didn't know you could do that....
> Originally you could save the viewers from View menu -> Save ->
> Viewers. In 4.11 Guttorm removed the save submenu and the viewers
> could only be saved as part of saving the desktop boot file.
> When redoing the LoW window for 4.68 I decided the add saving of
> viewers to the LoW menu as it would allow a more project oriented way
> of working (and the desktop boot file was falling into disrepute).
> What would be nice to have is for the viewers to be saved
> automatically when you close a project, that way the current state
> could be preserved across sessions. I'm playing with a few ideas but
> as yet nothing solid, suggestions welcome!

I would welcome that.

Often, I use StrongED to read text files, from Project Gutenberg, which,
since they usually comprise several hundred pages, cannot be read at one
sitting. Previously, I saved two shorcuts to the pinboard; one linking
to the text, the other linking to a file in which I recorded the current
line number - when I remembered to do so!

Save LoW, outlined above, is a great improvement, but it still needs
four clicks, and re-writing the filename, to save the LoW into the root
(default) directory. To save it elsewhere needs rather more effort.

On first saving the view, one would need to be able to rename the LoW
file but, after that, I would like to see it saved automatically, inside
StrongED, on quitting the parent window.

On loading any file, could StrongED check for the presence of a relevant
LoW file and, if there, adopt its parameters? If so, this would enable a
file to be opened, maintaining the same view. without user intervention.


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